1 millimeter a day
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Published January 1, 2008

What do you do every day?  This year I set myself a challenge: Take a brand new photo each day. Beginning with 14mm, each day I zoom the lens by 1 millimeter and force myself to use that focal length to shoot and post a photo before going to sleep that night.  This will continue every day until I reach the end of the 1mm lens adjustments at 400mm.

1mm is an experiment in changing perspective. Looking at things in a restricted view, I find the light as it’s naturally falling, then use the exposure and craft to create visual intrigue out of objects we pass by every day.

Keep in mind that I have to make this happen before or after my regular photography jobs and responsibilities with my new 9 month old son.


The rules:

1. Shoot a new photo every day.

2. Each day increase the focal length one millimeter.

3. Post this new image before going to sleep.

4. No cheating.


I hope you enjoy these and keep coming back for more.



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